Which table represents a linear function? (Will give brainliest)

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex] \huge\mathfrak\pink{S} \huge\mathfrak\purple{o} \huge\mathfrak\blue{l} \huge\mathfrak\red{u} \huge\mathfrak\green{t} \huge\mathfrak\pink{i}\huge\mathfrak\purple{o}\huge\mathfrak\red{n}\huge\mathfrak\orange{:}\ [/tex]Linear function :The characteristic property of linear functions is that when the input variable is changed, the change in the output is proportional to the change in the input. Linear functions are related to linear equations.Step-by-step explanation:We havey=mx+cfor 1stnot satisfied.for 2ndnot satisfied3rd3rd satisfied4th[note : substitute value of x to get value of y from table]sothird table represents a linear function.