A pilot was scheduled to depart at 4:00 pm, but due to air traffic, her departure has been delayed by 10 minutes. Air traffic control approved a new flight plan that will allow her to arrive three times faster than she calculated in her original flight plan. Let x represent the time, in minutes, of her original flight. Create an equation that can be used to predict the number of minutes after 4:00 pm she will arrive at her destination.

Accepted Solution

Answer:a. y equals one third times x plus 10= y = 1/3(x) + 10Step-by-step explanation:Let us represent:Let the original final plan = xLet the current flight plan = yThe initial time of departure = 4.00pmHer flight was then delayed for 10 minutesWe are told in the question that: The current flight plan allows her arrive at her destination three times faster. This means y= (1/3)xy = x/3Hence the equation generated = y = x/3 +10y = 1/3(x) + 10