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vehicle title loan Miami

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I Met with Mike monday in pompano for my loan and was satisfyed. I was greeted by a women at the front who asked if i was waiting for a new loan. When i said yes, she told me what to fill out and said that it would just be a little longer. She had a friendly smile and made me feel welcome right then. There were two people in front of me, but even then, Mike was great. As he helped other clients, i could tell he was efficiant. He was helpful when I had a question, even as he was walking past me, and greeted me with respect and a handshake. This was important. It was 5 minutes until closing when I got up, but never once did i feel rushed. As people started leaving the building for the night, each of them told me to have a great night too, not one person was rude even though they all knew i was there because i am broke. I spoke with Mike and his wife like they were the oldest friends. His wife was helpful with the loan too, answering a question while mike went to the back. It took me a couple minutes, and I realized she worked their too. Another helpful and friendly face at Rapid Auto Loans. I said it while I was there, and i have to say it again; I have never seen as hard a worker as Mike. That is admirabal. Rapid Auto Loans has a great group of people working there, I can tell from the time I walked in. I will recommend them and if i ever need them, I hope they will still be there. Local User
I understand the below clients issues, as i was under the same impression of rapid auto loans at first. You see, they took my car due to non payment. I was mad, made a complaint to the Better business and now regret it. After calling and talking to the people in the repo department they were able to break everything down for me, including my missing payments. There were 2 that were not posted, and 3 that i had forgotten. I was able to send them proof of the 2 missing payments, but they were able to show me where i went wrong. I did not use the proper deposit slips. the repo company helped me, discounted my fees and i paid only what i owed. They told me i could see my account online and was able to always keep track of the days late, and to never let it get to 30, because that was where i had the issue. While i was still upset about all the money I had paid, they told me once my account was cleared i could talk to customer service to see if they could explain the contract and forgive an Local user
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Tampa Title Loans
Todos los préstamos tienen un período de pago máximo de 12 meses y NO hay período de pago mínimo o multa por pago anticipado. Las tasas de interés son determinadas y aprobadas por el Estado de Florida en base a la cantidad prestada y la máxima APR (que incluye la tasa de interés más las tarifas y otros costos por un año) es del 30%. Usted paga intereses solamente por el tiempo que su préstamo está pendiente. A continuación se muestra un ejemplo representativo del costo total del préstamo, incluyendo todas las tarifas aplicables:

Cantidad del préstamo aprobada Tarifa del gobierno Investigación de Crédito Impuestos de sellos documentales Total Financiado Fecha original del préstamo APR Pago mensual
$3,233.68 $0.00 $25.00 $11.55 $3,270.23 11/1/2016 29.07% $316.39
Miami Car Title Loans